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Talismen and Charms work as powerful ingredients. Modern Scientific research is fast rediscovering ancient spiritual truths. It was once a source of wonder that a highly evolved spiritual person could create miracles through chanting, that mystics could cast spells through invocations, and indeed
some people could pray prayers that worked! Now we find modern instances of the same ancient principles the human being somehow contains within himself a source of energy whose name changes often but whose power never diminishes.
Turn back to the source of it All, our One Creator! Connect through the sacred language of All divine forces!

"Step out of the Circle of Time into the Circle of Love" ~ Rumi

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Saturday, February 2, 2008



This beautiful Ancient silver ring is around 300 years old and inhabited by a special Queen who is master of Dreams and Visions. This Special Queen will guide you towards vivid dreams and out of body experiences helping you reach altered states during the daytime very easily, she will give you messages through your dreams and be present within them to show you the path you are most in vibration with. She is very wise and will tune you into your clairvoyant abilities unfolding ancient wisdom and knowledge, share with you the secrets of the Akashic records that are needed to sustain her master towards the future to come.
She has the gift of the hidden secrets of the past and future, she will become an important guiding light in her new masters life showing her master gems of wisdom and how they can be used to develop the ability to allign with celestial forces and use the power of energies available in nature to create magick spells, you will be able to cast your own spells with her guidance, connect remotely to other beings in the universe, discover different timelines and portals in the universe, enter and experience adventures in other realms including a glimpse of the realm of the Djinn, a very complicated and bizarre world.
This amazing creature bound to this strange and unique ring was previously owned by a lady from Turkeman in Afghanistan, she possessed all these abilities and herself an unusual person, she owned many of these treasures, this was just one of them, and the ONLY one she made available so far, (I am hoping she will part with at least a few more of them) Inshallah!
I have not seen a ring like this before, it has alot of power coming from it, even when it is not being held you can clearly feel the power and the aura of it, this is one of my favourite pieces. I am trying to auction as many of these treasures as possible because of all the activity I am experiencing in my home, it is making it harder for me to sleep nights and I keep getting more of these magickal items most of them Djinn, the energy in my home is getting extremely busy, so I will try to put up as many as I can over the next few weeks as I had made a promise. As well as this, I have been requested and pushed to do so by the djinn themselves, they are not all meant for me, niether can I keep them all, I keep aquiring more and more of them and I still have another destination to reach quite soon.
The new owner of this djinniyah will have quite an eyeopening experience with her, I am sure she has already prepared and chosen her new master, if you have been having strange and vivid dreams that are out of the ordinary lately, it could be that she has already made contact with you, --you will know in your heart!