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Talismen and Charms work as powerful ingredients. Modern Scientific research is fast rediscovering ancient spiritual truths. It was once a source of wonder that a highly evolved spiritual person could create miracles through chanting, that mystics could cast spells through invocations, and indeed
some people could pray prayers that worked! Now we find modern instances of the same ancient principles the human being somehow contains within himself a source of energy whose name changes often but whose power never diminishes.
Turn back to the source of it All, our One Creator! Connect through the sacred language of All divine forces!

"Step out of the Circle of Time into the Circle of Love" ~ Rumi

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Magickal Power stone *Mohre Mar*


This Magickal stone is a truly rare and special item, Known in the east as a "MOHRE MAR" or snake stone, is very rare and hard to come by, it is said that only very lucky people aquire them in this lifetime, these Snake stones have been sought after for thousands of years they are prized for their inherent properties each stone (or pearl) is possessed by a Spirit that is responsible for the stone they inhabit and aid the possessor of the stone toward unlimited good fortune and Luck, they radiate the personal Aura making it like a shield against negative energies such as curses, hexes and the "Evil Eye" they protect the possesor of the stone from accidents and misfortune of any kind, they render the holder of the stine invisible to evil or ill indended beings (human and otherwise), Bring Love into their lives or increase existing love between partners, they give Power to ordinary humans making them extraordinary, casting spells and manifesting becomes much more powerful when using one of these stone, keeps the possessor healthy and cures diseases and illnesses when placed in water, when worn it will bring the wearer many new opportunities and adventure, and increase financial situation of the wearer, it will attract people toward the wearer of the stone and keep him youthful by drinking the water in which it is placed in, these stones have so many attributes it is difficult to list them all, they work on many levels and improve the wearers life almost immediately, they bring out the "personal Magnetism" in the possessor.
It also is a cure for poison, if the wearer is bitten by a snake, scorpion, or any other poisonous animal, by placing the stone on the bite it will stick to the skin and absorb all the poison and 'swell', when all the poison has been drawn out of the body the stone will fall off, and by placing it into a bowl of warm milk it will clease the stone of the poison and go back to its original size. Napoleon was given one of these stones by the shah of Iran,s grandfather to place in his chalice before drinking wine, thus bringing this stone to the western hemisphere.
These stones are found inside the body of a snake such as the crown or the gallbladder, they are formed from the saliva and other natural biological deposits inside the body of the snake and then expelled, these snake stones are found in caves and jungles usually by mystics and shamans who are guided to them, it is not usual for an ordinary human to come across these treasures since the aquisition requires extra sensory abilities and to have reached a certain spiritual condition.
There is a Khodam attached to this snake stone and owner will be given it's name as well as instructions on what to do, it varies slightly from having a djinn, instead of a summoning formula, a mantra is recited to attach the Khodams energy to your own, thereby making the khodam your personal helper.
You will very quickly notice the presense of your khodam, and instructions will be given on how to communicate with the khodam. Khodams are very powerful beings that are NEVER evil in nature, they are divine beings and will never twist your words, In my personal observation, they work quickly bringing your wishes much faster into reality then the Djinn.
If you have any questions about this stone please do not hesitate to ask