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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Principles & Keys to Conjuring a Ruh'hani Djinni

Principles and keys to conjuring a Djinni

You must have a clear mind and open heart in order to perform this operation and you must memorize the “Surat Al-Jinn” Verse in order to be successful.
I have made this available for those insistent on conjuring a Djinn, yet knowing very little of their reality, this is to summon a Ruh'hani Djinn, results will vary from the diabolical djinn that are available on the internet, do not take on something you are not able to handle just for the sensationalism, the Ruh'hani djinn will aid you in your tasks without contracting your soul to their tasks! They will ONLY use lawful means and follow divine laws in order to cater to your personal affairs, do not wish for more then this, the price is non negotiable- it is always Your SOUL.

Clothing should be clean and appropriate for conjuration
Food product should be free from meat or any animal product
The site or room of conjuration should be clean and quiet and in complete darkness
If it is done in a room it should be complete empty of any furniture or wall decoration
The best time for this is at midnight
Good quality incense should be burning on coals not stick type incense
The number of prayers mantras should be exact, no more no less
During the days of conjuration you should speak to no other person
You should only sleep unless forced and then only in a sitting position
Recitations of prayers and mantras should be clear and distinct, do not hurry or hasten them.

You must recite the prayer “Allahhoomma sale ‘Allah Muhammad'din wa'ale Muhammad wal aemma wa mahdiyeen wa sallam tasleemun katheera”

The Surat Al-Jinn verse should be chanted prior to main recitation
During this time do not recite any other prayers of mantras
During the conjuration you must face the “Kiblah” the Kaaba in Mecca
During the recitations of prayers you must sit in the prayer position on you knees
You should convert the name of the Jinn in the numerological value and magickal square constructed out of it
Place this in a circle where you wish the genie to appear
You mind should be focused on your objective
You must have faith in the operation, because if you doubt you will not succeed in the operation
Once you have successfully conjured a Jinn you may first see the image of a tiger
Only reasonable requests must be made of the Jinn, only if it is possible for you as a human to attain
You may only ask once for the genie to remain with you, if he says no you must not ask again, if he says yes you may bind him to you
You may ask where he originated
You may ask who he has served before, but only once, he may decide to tell you or he may not
You must assure him you live a virtuous life

Perseverance and patience are required for this operation. Most of the time this must be done many times before you may become a conjurer of the Jinn, only after many years and many conjurations you may become a master conjurer.

The next step to conjure once you have obtained the ability to conjure will follow

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