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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sacred Magical Spirit Stones, only for the true seeker


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In the days of yore, most men could only mention animal/plant magickal stones in their writings. Nowadays, magickal stones/pearls are becoming again available to a different kind of arena -to those that seek them.

The reason has partly to do with the Aquarian-Age that we find ourselves living in. It is, however, mainly because Nature wishes to offer humanity something that would help men embrace her and not destroy the platform where the other lower kingdoms have their place of evolution. These Magickal stones are Nature's gifts to humanity, it connects us directly to the Spirit-Intelligences of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms.

Even without knowledge of the elementals name, the powers and virtues of a magickal stone may still be readily felt by those possessing it after a short period of time.

It is the presence of these elementals in pearls that give them an extra feel of power. Normal gemstones and crystals do not have any elemental spirits dwelling in them unless willed by an occult practitioner; magickal stones, however, do have an etheric being living in them as a matter of course. Lacking a spirit dweller, a magickal stone is still more powerful than an ordinary gemstone or crystal as it possesses the energies of the Guardian Group-Spirit or Intelligences (Animal Totems/ Plant Devas) of the animal/plant species embedded in it.

Why are these strange stones so highly valued?

Magickal stones are held in great regard not only because of their scarcity, and sometimes beauty, but also because of the power that resides in them. These pearls are formed with the help of elementals spirits--gnomes, elves, and other etheric beings of Nature. That etheric spirits help to form gems is not quite unknown in western occultism. In the fairy tale, "Snow White," for instance, we read of 7 dwarfs working in their "mines." From the esoteric perspective, they were actually not mining at all, but forming gems and crystals. Tales such as hens laying "golden eggs" possesses some truth if considered in the light of magickal pearls. There are many such golden eggs available.

Elementals are Nature's handmaidens and are the hidden forces acting behind all phenomena and natural formations or creations. Elementals help "paint" the flowers and nourish them with prana and the necessary gases. Science calls the latter process osmosis, but behind the physical scene, in the etheric world, one may perceive fairies frolicking among plants, flying to and fro, entering and exiting the stem and leaves of plants taking the pranic globules from the air and into the flora.

What are Magickal Mystical Stones known as 'Mohre Mar' in Persia?

'Mohre Mar' stones or Magickal stones, are unusual objects formed in animals and plants. Nature forms these Stones in the bodies of diverse animals, plants and fruits for some reason unknown as yet to us. Not all animals or plants of the same species form these Stones, but they possibly do occur in almost every living being.

Unusual Stones have also been found in the bodies of saints and holy people; this might possibly be an indication that animal and plant Stones are the manifestation of an organism's highest energy crystallized and formed out of conscious or subconscious aspiration for a higher evolutionary level or state.

After thousands or millions of years these juices and bio components, through a natural process have crystallized, hardened and acquired occult powers. The formation of a Magickal stone or a fossilized body-part are directed by Nature's invisible forces and intelligences.

Normally these intelligences are elemental spirits that guide the process of the creation of a Magickal stone, and they subsequently make these Stones or fossils their home.

Those carrying these Stones are served by the indwelling elementals in various ways; they help to strengthen the carrier's aura and nervous system; they bestow positive energies; they empower the brain centers, DNA activation, and to guide us toward our highest possible self.

Discarding destructive forces that may enter through malevolent birth data or incarnations of karmic debris passed on by our forefathers. These stones make us magnetic and inline with cosmic magickal and occult forces.

The natural energies of these Stones attracts luck, neutralizes and wards-off negative forces. They have a natural tonic effect upon the physical system. They are more powerful than ordinary gemstones and crystals. Added onto ritualistic items such as wands, they would truly empower an occult practitioner's magickal operations.

Western occultists have yet to investigate and discover the power of these Stones that heretofore have only been mentioned in myths and fairy tales.

Magickal stones are widely known in South-East Asia, India, and other countries of the East. Malays, Occidental naturalists of the past referred to them as "serpent stones." The powerful stones told in tales and legends are actually these mystical stones of lore. The Sanskrit text, "Sri Garuda-Puranam," speaks in detail of these Stones. In essence it declares a man acquires great fortune and blessings by possessing such a stone.
These magickal Stones are one-of-a-kind, unique, rare, and powerful. It is said that only fortunate people are able to acquire and keep them.

The Magickal Stones have been acquired mostly in the Indo- archipelago. They have been discovered in caves, jungles, sacred places, historical sites and in the remains of animals and plants. Some of them were magickally retrieved from the etheric planes by occultists who specializes in this unusual feat. The power within these Stones are sometimes known by the psychic struggle the occultist had to go through with the spirit guardians in order to acquire them. Quite a number of these Stones were gifts to our sources by tribal shamans and chieftians.

How the existence and virtues of the Stones are discovered could sometimes occur quite by accident. For instance, tribal hunters may find an animal exhibiting a degree of invulnerability to their weapons; after having finally killed the animal with the help of a shaman, they would discover that the creature possessed strange Stones lodged or embedded in their head or body. Subsequent investigation would reveal that it was these Stones that gave the animal its invulnerability power.

Not all of these Stones present within an animal are formed in the animal itself. Some were formed elsewhere but somehow found their way into the animals's system.
Generally speaking, the virtues of Stones are known by the observation of their effects in one's daily life as they are carried, and by psychic contact with the indwelling elemental spirit. Some of the Stones have quite unusual physical effects,

The Energy Present
The energy would run through one's arm and finally reach the heart or to one of the other chakras within the body depending upon its quality. Fakes do not give such sensations.

The Presence of an Elemental Spirit
with psychic detection

The Medicinal Properties.
Charges water that heals the mind body and spirit of the person who drinks it's water (after stone is steeped into water)

They posses the inherent ability to draw out poison from the body when put on the bite wound, and thus made its way to napoleon when he received it as a gift from a king of Persia-- to the oxidental world, this secret has been kept by kings and emperors for millenia, it is time to find its way to those who need them during these changing times, at we enter a Golden age of energies and cosmic alignments, these stones are said to play a important role in the cosmic scheme of things.

size:100%;" >Some guidance from scripture...

"The spiritual Pearl which is contained in the Tabernacle [higher spiritual consciousness] is like a brilliant gem of great price, and he who hath acquired it holdeth it tightly in his hand [consciousness], grasping it and hiding it in his hand, and whilst the gem is in his hand its owner goeth into the Tabernacle, and he is an inmate therein. And he who possesseth the Pearl is interpreted as the Word of God, CHRIST." Kebra Nebrash Ch.98

"And in His mercy God the Father created the Pearl in the body of ADAM [the Christed Man]." Kebra Nebrash Ch.96

"Your salvation was created in the belly [spiritual consciousness] of ADAM in the form of a Pearl before EVE [the physical being]. And when He created EVE out of the rib He brought her to ADAM, and said unto them, 'Multiply you from the belly of ADAM.' The Pearl did not go out [transmitted through initiation] into CAIN or ABEL, but into the third that went forth from the belly of ADAM, and it entered into the belly of SETH. And then passing from him that Pearl went into those who were the firstborn [the chosen, the spiritually awakened], and came to ABRAHAM. And it did not go from ABRAHAM into his firstborn ISHMAEL, but it tarried and came into ISAAC the pure. And it did not go into his firstborn, the arrogant ESAU, but it went into JACOB the lowly one. And it did not enter from him into his firstborn, the erring REUBEN, but into JUDAH, the innocent one. And it did not go forth from JUDAH until four sinners had been born, but it came to FÂRÊS (PEREZ), the patient one, And from him this Pearl went to the firstborn until it came into the belly of JESSE, the father of thy father. And then it waited until six men of wrath had been born, and after that it came to the seventh, DAVID,thy innocent and humble father; for God hateth the arrogant and proud, and loveth the innocent and humble . . . " Kebra Nebrash Ch.68

"None of you [the initiated, the receiver of the transmission] who shall have carried the Pearl shall be destroyed, and whether it be your men or your women, those who shall have carried the Pearl shall not be destroyed. For the Pearl shall be carried by the men who shall be righteous, and the women who have carried the Pearl shall not be destroyed, for they shall become pure through that Pearl, for it is holy and pure, and by it they shall be made holy and pure; and for its sake and for the sake of ZION He hath created the whole world . . . " Kebra Nebrash Ch.68

"I am GABRIEL the Angel, the protector of those [the initiator and transmitter] who shall carry the Pearl from the body of ADAM even to the belly of ANNA [the candidate for the initiation or transmission], so that I may keep from servitude and pollution you wherein the Pearl shall dwell. And MICHAEL hath been commanded to direct and keep ZION [the initiated, the receiver of the transmission] wheresoever she goeth, and URIEL shall direct and keep the wood of the thicket which shall be the Cross [the initiation work] of the Saviour [Initiator] . . . And I am with the pure Pearl for him that shall reign for ever . . . " Kebra Nebrash Ch.68

"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it." New Testament, Rev 2:17

Information from various sources and H.P. Blavatski on elementals

Please enquire about these Authentic stones if you gravitate toward their unique energy, they are available in small quantities only as each one is unique and they are individually found and aquired, the prices do not reflect the true value of these stones, if you are lucky enough to aquire one it is purely by higher guidance they are not for everyone, each one is unique and priceless.