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some people could pray prayers that worked! Now we find modern instances of the same ancient principles the human being somehow contains within himself a source of energy whose name changes often but whose power never diminishes.
Turn back to the source of it All, our One Creator! Connect through the sacred language of All divine forces!

"Step out of the Circle of Time into the Circle of Love" ~ Rumi

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hi Yasmine,

xxxxxx wanted me to tell you that he is so very thankful for the crystal from you. He wears it everyday and he has said he can feel positive changes in his decisions and choices.He is more responsible and taking actions towards doing the right things with his life,even I have seen him evolve since he has had it.
It is actually his most treasured possession of its kind and he has expressed that many times. He thought he lost it a few days ago and he called me on my cell phone crying as he was frantically looking everywhere for it. I felt calm as he told me about it and told him it would turn up and not to worry....Two days later he found it and he has kept it closely guarded.
He told me that he felt different with that crystal and he knew how rare it was.
I have seen my child cry millions of times during his life but Yasmine he was a total mess when he thought it was gone forever.
He is truly thankful for the one you chose for him and I must say that I am too.


thankyou - I appreciate so much all you and mohammed are doing.
I feel we are slowly getting there-


Hi Yasmine.

It was great to chat with you and Lilly and C the other night. We always have such a lively sharing of ideas, and a laugh, too. : )

Anyway, I thought that since I had such success with your hair and skin elixirs, I'd order some more. I also wanted to try a bottle of the 'Spirit of the Shaman' elixir. I'd like one bottle of each.

Your customer service is stellar. Thanks for the discount.


Dear Yasmine,

Please let Lilly know about my experiences with the clairaudience orgone pendant:

Since I have started to wear the pendant I have experienced complete pain relief on my hip that has been giving me problems for years, I have diabetes and suffer from many different health issues, many would say I am lucky to be alive, but I know God has kept me this long for a purpose, I have since speaking with you using your elixirs and the orgone been able to see a different perspective of our reality and has empowered me alot!
The orgone pendant completely opened me up to the shifts that happened during the fullmoon and solar eclipse, I felt very calm and was able to deal with all the emotional releasing, even to have been so connected to the energies has blown me away.

The most profound change I have experienced since wearing the pendant is that I am able to 'see' colours and 'life forms' in the air when I look, I suffer from vision impairment since the diabetes and seeing things even beyond my physical sight has amazed me more then anything, and within 7 days of putting it on I feel much more confident in my intuitive abilities.

Since using your elixirs I have bounds of energy and my sugar levels have gone down and my heart is showing excellent results in tests (I suffered a heart attack a few years back also) I am completely off all medical drugs they had me on and this all in just 3 short months of taking the elixirs and working with what you have given me, what others have noticed on me is a very positive attitude and much more personal power, I do Yoga and have much more stamina then before to do positions that were hard for me but now-I have never felt so alive!
blessings to you!



I don't know what powers u possess but you said I'll send you energy, and then I read your emails. I'm so calm..amazing. The power of energy how fine tuned you are.
I'm calm. I must work on myself more.
You amaze me

Psychic Channel building & Chakra Clearing:

Dear Lilly,
Obviously saying thank you is not much. I'm just extremely grateful to you for what you've done for me. The session was the best investment I had ever made. Unlike yourself, I'm as energy insensitive as people can be. I wasn't expecting to feel anything, as you pointed out it's normal if I didn't. Well, as soon as we started working on the liver, I could sense something was going on. It was only at the liver at first, then it moved to the navel and solar plexus. Once we finished the session, I could clearly feel kind of very warm, spinning disc reaching my throat, and finally the neck area. As of now, there has been negative issues, in fact, my body is much warmer then it used to be. The sensation is as if I was having fever or flu like symptoms. My circulation has been badly affected by the heart chakra blockage and it has never been good. The first positive changes I noticed were when I ordered some elixirs from Yasmine . But today, I just feel much lighter. This huge emotional baggage has been slowly moving off my heart. Again, today's experience was just amazing !!!!!! My heart says thank you. I think the day I came across your website I knew deep inside that something good was bound to happen. Sincerely, xxxxxxx

Etheric Implant/Seal Removal

I want to thank you for what you have done- first huge difference in this - and it makes me totally aware-so I am happy what you have done - and it is a definite step up this was fantastic that you were able to do what you did-you have no idea-
this has gone on in some form for 26 years- with out a break till now.


~ A Special heartfelt Testimonial ~

To yasmine

Christmas is almost here and the year will soon be ending. Alot of changes have happened in my life during 2009. Many ups and downs, very few smooth paths. But through it all I have managed to finish off this year with more spiritual growth and happiness than I have had during the last 10 years. When I came to you initially, I was a mess. I was broken hearted and lost. I still don't know how I came across your website but when I did, I knew instantly that I believed in you and what you do , what you stand for. I saw your picture and I thought to myself that you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world, my eyes were blessed, I could feel such love and goodness from you and your light was so bright, like none I had ever seen in another human. I am forever grateful, thankful, and humbled. Thank you for helping me return to who I truly am. You are a true guiding light of God, my shining star....


Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for getting my order out. I look forward to the new site.
It appears I am having wonderful results with the products.
My breasts look younger and fuller. They're more bouncy - even
though I've always had good elasticity.
I have noticed the skin is smoother and stretch marks have faded.
Wow - that is so cool. I am using a kiegelmaster so
I think this is complimentary to the yoni benefits.
Also, I noticed my grey hair is down by around 70%.
I wasn't taking anything that seemed to be working on this so
I'm thinking these products are also doing their magic.
I really like the Fem Mek but kind of ran out and will have to start
over by ordering some in a couple of weeks.

Another wonderful thing I have discovered is the psoas muscle!
This is a bio-intelligent muscle and has such an effect on the body.
I love this new movement to the Goddess body and feeling wild and happy.
It's funny how you hear about unplugging from the Matrix but to me it's
now plugging into the earth energies. :-)


Dear xxxxxx

Isn't that the Truth!! You really do get supporting energies
from the extracts to usher in those new vibrations,
it feels like they are opening up interdimensional windows within
us and makes the process so much more comfortable, we are in flow with
ebbs of the cosmic expansion, you can only imagine what that means
to our systems!!

We are working on some new products that take you beyond levels of
healing, more focus on vision quests and fine tuning our inherent
'super-conscious' abilities, I am very excited about the insights
that have come from working with them and finding the right combinations!!

I will let you know more when they are ready,
Thankyou so much for your wonderful feedback!

Blessed be in these glorious times!


Liebe, liebe Yasmine

I have your Essences since 10 Minutes wouuuuwww,
my tensor rouls and rouls and rouls, this are very powerful Elixirs.
With this Essences Indian shilajit my mind is very clear
Ich habe riesig Freude auch an den Steinen.
i did'nt tell you much about me. how did you know so perfect
what i need mostly in this Moment? oder brauchen die im Moment
sowieso alle Menschen? Das ist ein wirkliches Powerpaket super stark!!!
Kann ich die Essencen irgendwo noch genauer Nachlesen
was sie genau machen?
Ich werde diese Elexiere einschwingen für meine Klienten auf Globuli.
Beschreib mir doch bitte, wenn du Zeit hast, ein bisschen mehr,
was sie bewirken, vielleicht auch seelisch oder emotional
oder für das Karma oder ein Chakra.

Ich danke dir tausendmal. Den Sugilith leg ich gar nicht mehr weg,
ich trag in ständig auf mir, es ist fast nicht zu glauben, was für
eine Kraft dieser kleine Stein vermittelt.

Vielen lieben Dank yasmine, schön das es dich gibt.


Salaam Yasmine!

Yes, please go ahead and send the Indian shiajit, and also another
bottle of the ginseng.

My mother is doing well right now. The orgone from Lilly
is great, especially when I use it with the mantra from you.
I have mentioned to you before that they have made a clay doll
of my mother, a voodoo doll, and they are piercing her back and
right arm with a needle. Where ever the pain is,
I place the orgone over it and say my mantra,
and almost immediatly the pain goes away!

Oh yes I was able to contact my family's ancient Devata
with the help of both my spirit stones, and OMG!!
I can't even describe the experiance.

Take care, blessing to you and you family,

Dear Yasmine,
a big THANK YOU for those amazing elixirs you are creating.
They are so so powerful, I can basically feel their energy
in my hands when I hold the bottle.
I love love the jink chi elixir, the first bottle you sent,
my face broke out into nasty stuff, i knew I was detoxing so
I didn't panick. On the second bottle, my skin started to clear up,
being so smooth and so nice... I almost finished the second bottle
and I am so happy the third one you sent arrived just in time.
I am so so happy with this amazing product!!!
Now my husband is taking the hair guru elixir, first thing
I noticed is that his hair color turned from grey to dark on
the areas he was applying the elixir topically, also he has
new hair growing covering his scalp slowly. He doesn't really
see much improvement, but I can tell, even our friends noticed that.
So will want some more of that and perhaps I will need as I have
few grey hair myself.
The antigeing serum is a great thing, when i look tired I apply that
to my skin and ohh boy I look like I am so well rested. Once again,
a huge THANK YOU for your amazing powerful products.


Dear yasmine,

I thought I would let you know the stuff I'm using is working great.
My face is so clear. It looks beautiful. I'm very grateful.

I hope that everything is going well for you, and that life is as miraculous
for you as it's been for me.


Dear Yasmine,

I just had to share this with you, since buying the mohre mar stone, I have been
diligently reciting my abjad mantra in the formula you asked me to follow for 40 days,
I have done the 12 day mantra to increase psychic abilities and also have been
steeping the stone into water and drinking it as well as washing my face with the water.
I have been here several years and waiting for the process of my legal status,
2 days ago I received my green card acceptance! I also got married all within 40 days
literally! All the negativity in my life have turned to blessings!
I had never expected this all to happen really this fast and in such a short
period of time
I am in complete awe and have absolute faith in the work you do, I am a believer!

In high regard,

Dear Yasmine, Ok here what I am doing,

I am using a bio cream made from snails mostly for scars and I applied it
one time after your elixir and had good results the next day.
I am using Kyo Green, liver cleanser drink,
see http://www.kyolic.com/product/category/kyo-green/
I am using dandelion root tea for the promotion of liver function,
see http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/all_products/product/57
I am carrying a red jasper stone in my pocket to improver liver and help.
I am using organic food a-z.
I am looking for other solutions as well, and I will increase my dose to 5x.
If you know how to work with stones, just let me know, and I will get any
stone you tell me about. I will need to make another order of the package
I got from you as it wont last me more than a month.
Many thanks and regards

Dear Yasmine,

I hope you're doing well, and prospering. Things are going well for me,
too, and I know I owe a lot of that to your concoctions.

I did get your last email I definitely want to try those J40 drops
if you still have some in stock.

I also want to get more skin elixir. Good stuff.
Did you finish your "wonder elixir" yet?
I'd be interested in hearing about that.

That's really amazing that your forehead "wrinkles" went away.
I have a few creases myself, because I also frown and furrow my brow
when I'm concentrating really hard. People think I'm mad at them.:)
There are certain people I know that I can see getting younger.

I agree with you about the body's ability to repair itself.
I think our original "blueprints" are stored... somewhere -
maybe in our pineal glands, maybe outside the body in the
morphogenetic field. They're definitely there,
and even when DNA is damaged, the body can completely repair
itself to what I like to call it's "full genetic determinacy"
which is the ideal physical you.. the you that can emerge if the
environmental conditions are perfect. I see that physical part of
myself emerging more and more every day. It's pretty miraculous.
I think our consciousness has a lot to do with that.
We detoxify our bodies and our minds, and our spirit.
We're getting pretty good at this stuff!

Be Well.


i dont know what to say but you are a great gift from heaven :)
i mean that i never saw someone like you on the internet before,
you are always working hard for the people,
may allah put all his blessings on you yasmine


Hi Yasmine,

The Shastra serum is quite amazing. My "girls" are perking up
and I seem to get a lot more gazes from men.
What I like is the serum seems to reshape the breasts so they
are more rounded (almost like implants) versus just being fat
if you're a larger size. I have not been taking it for very
long but I can definitely feel it working.

hi yasmine,
how are you, thankyou for your help thus far,
the MRI showed that the tumor shrunk a little bit over 3 weeks,
I'm interested in this J17, for my sister. one more question,
do you have something to clean your colon. something that helps
clean the stuff that sticks to the walls of your colon.
Thanks again,


Dear Yasmine,

I have new little blonde hairs popping up all over my head.
My face feels great too. I feel really good.
I think the Hepa-Mek is helping with my liver.

Do you have anything that can help me lose my belly fat?
I have a bit of a beer gut. Of course, I rarely, drink beer,
but it's the best way to describe it.
If you've got something for that, I'd gladly try it.
I've had great results with your other stuff. Thank you!

I hope you're doing great.


Dear Yasmine,

I had to share this with you! Last night when I was reciting my abjad mantra,
I felt tobegin with a deep connection with my creator,
I was overwhelmed by the feeling I got and began to cry,
I looked in the sky, as I was enjoing the air on my balcony and
saw a magnificent eagle, with his wings spread wide,
he came right up to my balcony and sat there for 5 mins looking
straight into my eyes!

I was so moved and surprised that this was happening,
he then took off in flight and encircled over my buiding
several times before leaving, I was in AWE. I had my
Mohre Mar stone in my hand the whole time while I was
reciting my mantra and when this experience took place,
when it arrived, I felt so happy as though I was meeting
up with a dear friend or long lost family member!
My husband came home later and surprised me with a gift
(for my stone and his also)--
a deer skin pouch, you will never
believe what was on the front of my pouch, an eagle Icon !!
This was a definate sign!

I have to tell you yasmine, that since before the arrival of our
Mohre mar stones,we already felt the negative forces and curses
we had messing with our life, move away, and have not been
bothered since, my whole world seemed to have filled with
positive energies and so much happiness--thankyou so much,
We both would really like to meet you in person,
you are an angel:)
love, xxxxxx

Hi Yasmine.

I hope you're doing great. I'm ready to order more Skin elixir,
and I want to try the Guru Massage oil too, along with another
bottle of Guru hair elixir.

The Hepa-Mek is working well. My acne is clearing up,
and I feel like I've got more energy. The skin elixir is really
helping my face. It feels smooth and is looking better.
I'm confident that it can help dissolve my scar tissue.
That's really the only issue with depressed scars.
If you can dissolve the scar tissue, everything will grow back normally.
I see progress. The hair elixir is working, I think. I'm obsessively
checking my hair in the mirrior every day, so I've completely lost perspective.
At this rate, I'll soon be applying Guru Elixir to a full head of hair and
still be wondering if it's working. Somebody complimented my hair in a dream
the other night, so my subconscious thinks it worked, and that's a good sign!

I was just strolling around your website (as I do everyday )
and I noticed that you now offer mp3 voice for mantras.
That is so awesome for a southern gal like me ! LOL
I love that Nirvana elixir and oil.
I dont notice any physical effects at all any more but I
take it any way every day because I know it is working as it should.
It taste good. I am so looking forward to changes that will come
and I thank the Universe everyday without fail for all I am thankful
for along with my prayers. I do give thanks for you and your wonderful
work you do to help all who seek your help and guidance.
You are a special woman with a glorious soul that I can clearly
see from way down here in the south. You are a true Earth Angel.

Hello Yasmine,

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day...my box from the
empowerment came the day before so I had an even better birthday than I
could ever imagine. I got several compliments from the ladies on my
pendant...tell Lilly.... and the magical stone is so cute...elixirs are
The whole experience with you and Lilly is breathtaking..I love you all.
Thanks again. We will get that order together soon enough. My husband
really needs it too. He is the sweetest man who honors nature in his
heart and truly lives by it.



just keeping in touch on the Total body recovery supplements and so far Im impressed.
I've had tinea versicolor amongst the upper part of my body and its finally
now clearing itself out.

My skin is finally looking somewhat of itself since the age of 18.
My next goal is releasing the excess weight gain, water retention
while more of the detoxifying does it work.
Either way Im satisfied with the osteo and hepa supplements,
still have bout 3 boxes left over for both.



Just quickly, I wanted you to know that during the casting
I had the most profound experience.
It was very Powerful, I have never seen this spiritual place before,
a very different spiritual experience then all others I have had.
I was taken to much more elevated and higher planes where I had not been before this.


Yasmine Namaste,

Just wanted to send you a quick hello. I'm dutifully using my Hepa-mek.
I seem to have more energy and focus. It's good stuff. Thanks.
I hope we can do some boosting again soon.
I'm feeling really good. My skin is improving, and I have energy,
and My hair is... doing something
and well, the skin elixir is excellent, too. My skin feels much more elastic and smooth,
and that was almost instant.
The Hepa-Mek is working so well, I think that I might get the other courses
when I'm done with this one.
I hope your business is doing well. You've got great products

Thanks again

Hi Yasmine,

Just wanted to let you know I am feeling the effects of my empowerment now.
I am itching more than normal and I am feel like at times I am not completely in my body.
I was walking through a pet store a minute ago and I felt like my body was going through
the motions but that I was not in complete control. I don't know for sure if it is
from the empowerment or the nirvana oil and elixir or from all three.
I feel dizzy at times and that was not uncommon for me before the activation
but head rushes are at times severe. I haven't had emotional feelings yet but physical
one are definately there. I am able to handle these effects quite well over all without
other people noticing any thing. I am happy though knowing that changes are coming and
I am strong enough to handle all this.
I know that I have another few months or more of these feelings and more I have yet to
experience but I am looking forward to it all.

Thank you.


Dear Yasmine,

I don't know how to thank you both for what this empowerment means to me.
There are no words in existance to express the graditude I feel right now.
Thank you just doesn't seem to say enough. I have been looking for
such an empowerment for so long , something was missing and felt not
quite right and I had been asking my spirit guide to show me what to do.
And then there you were to help me. I have to say that you are a
real blessing in my life and your beauty is clearly visible far
beyond your picture ( which by the way is quite beautiful in itself )
I would like to ask if you can clairify your meaning of 16 levels.
I do plan on working with my energy and stone with the up most
positive and highest energy I can to help myself as well as others.

Again thank you sooo much! You are such an Angel !!!

P.S My back feels like someone has rubbed menthol up and down it.
I can really feel the energy up and down my spine.
I also feel tingling up and down my spine as well as on my head.
Very cool.!


Dear Yasmine,
How are you doing, i hope well.
I was wondering what other devatas, you might have to offer.
I hope that i can still buy Devatas from you, for you have the
best, and maybe, you can cast mine to me, as you did my first,
if thats okay with you. I hope to hear from you, and how good things
are for youand your family. Thank you for sending me Devata,
he helps my life, and my future. THanks Yasmine.


"....I cant tell you what that means to me. I am so thankful for you more
than words can ever express. I know that your help and guidence
played a major role in this success.

I called my stone spirits name and chanted the mantra just like you instructed.
To me, this is a huge turn around and I am still amazed at how I suddenly came
across your website and managed to muttle my way through the mazes in order to
find what I needed in my life.In all honesty , I never knew what it would be but
I knew when I found something you had it would be meant for me.
I have spent the last couple of weeks reading everything on your website
and traveling through all the links to find out more.(my mind is a sponge
for every spiritual knowledge) I have spent many years reading and learning
almost every major religion but thus far I find that there are some parts of
most every religion that rings true.
I have read everything from Nag Hammadi and lots of Gnostic teachings which
I really connect with to the Koran.
I have a open mind and take what I need from different teachings
and leave the rest. I have begun reading the " The Master Key"
and that is fantastic.

I am fairly knowledgable with universal law ( and not from 'the secret")
but I have learned a lot and there is still so much to read there.
I will read and uncover everyword, every link of your site.
It is without a doubt the most wonderful place I have come across in a
very long time and I look foward to every minute I can spend there learning.
It is different from what I have learned thus far but it certainly rings true.
Thank you so much for everything !
You are a blessing , a teacher, amd a friend."


Hi Yasmine,

Thanx for the reply…
I think you are right about me opening up a door to the spiritual world…
Cause my dreams are getting more bizarre and vivid and I think spirits are contacting me in my sleep.
It doesn’t bother me at all cause this is what I ask for in my prayers every night,
I ask to help those who are lost and stuck between worlds to cross over.
Since I got the pearl everything is getting amplified, even thoughts of others…
I don’t hear their thoughts like lil voices in my head but I get a mental thought of
something and then they say it right after it popped into my head… I also have a lot
more energy than before.
I am quite shocked about the whole idea of all this happening and I am quite anxious and exited
to experience all of this on a much higher level of consciousness .
I knew there was a reason I found you on the internet. I truly thank you?
( Especially for your patience and help) I value your opinion on everything ....
I will let you know how everything progresses and if there are any more new events
and experiences me and my Ilmu Khodam have together.

Kindest Regards

Dear Yasmine

I cannot thank you enough for helping me. Only Allah can give you a just
reward for your kindness.

I feel at ease now knowing that the stone (I recieved from the other seller)
has a spirit and I will continue to try and connect with her.
I had no idea that angelic beings could be female I thought that they were only
male as Islam makes reference to only the male Archangels ( Jibrail, Mikhail, Israeel, Israfil ) ! Do you think she
has a name or what would be the best way to call / address her when I want
to communicate with her ?

I really appreciate your help I was so worried that I had an empty stone.
Insha Allah, I pray that one day we meet and we continue to be friends.

I have already processed my paypal payment and I look forward to recieving
your gifts.

HB south africa

Yasmine, you blew open a hole in my world. Thank you, I asked for this.
I have followed the links you included in your emails to me and realized that I found my way home, again.
I just finished reading some things off the educate yourself site, not to mention some posts on the Women Warrior's site. Inside of me my heart said, "yeah! I found my friend's house!"

I only recently came back, after a long and winding distraction, to the very essence of what I know/believe and what feels like home. I cannot say this is my religion, because that would be a contradiction. I do not know sufism in a cultural sense but the heart of it is my heart. I consider it a friendly road sign that your blogspot is saturated with so many references.

So I just had to write you and let you know that I am intensely interested in the goings on of the Women Warriors, but don't think I could presume to run with such an advanced, well-trained group. I do not feel I am a peer, somehow, but that frustrates me b/c I know this is where and who I had always hoped to be. I don't know the terminology (ie.,what is boosting?) I do not see things or trust myself when I do see them.

This is why I am writing you. You can see, you understand so much about the unseen realm...
I know you know. If you have time or inclination or want to direct me somewhere else, I would be honored to hear back from you.
With highest regard,

Sxxx texas USA

Hi there Yasmine
How have you been lately? I am writing to thank you , I got my (Magickal) stone yesterday and it is absolutely stunning. Not to mention the energy that comes from it. Normally if I feel a presence in the room or vicinity around me, I get this sensation on the top of my neck just above my collar running up towards my crown. It is a sensation like that of a icy wind blowing on just one spot of your body, but last night I placed the stone on my forehead and recited the mantras you gave me to connect with my Ilmu Khodam so that I might see it in my mind’s eye, but what a surprise did I get when that feeling intensified to the point where the muscles in the back of my neck towards the top of my crown went completely numb. I have to say it is more of a presence than what I expected to feel.
I did see some images of a woman, very beautiful with bright red robes wrapped around her head and Persian features… don’t know if I created an image of what I would like her to be or if it was her showing herself to me. I will get to see her after connecting properly to her. .... But one thing is for sure that I have never seen beauty like that before ....I just want to thank you for being such a good person and help to me. I will keep you up to date with our progress and our bonding.
Warmest Blessings,
JV south Africa
Ps: I almost forgot to tell you that everytime I touch the stone or think about it or my ilmu khodam I get this cold feeling in my heart and I can’t stop smiling. Actually smiling for no reason right here where I’m sitting and typing this email.

Thank you Yasmine,

I think there’s a software program of mine that is running too fast! I feel like a kaleidoscope that someone keeps picking up and I have to regroup and go forward from whatever pattern has turned up. J Funny thing is, I recall feeling like this when I was 15, of all things. I think my hormones are circulating in my bloodstream and they are quite vigorous! You know I see why when people worship, as in choosing a life of only that, they live in a way not to stimulate the hormonal system. Before the products, it was easy to be a “Mental Monk”.
I spent a lot of time on the web site reading about all the products and getting excited about future candidates for my supplemental matrix! I love Hepa and Osteo-Meks. I feel so good after I take them and my skin is clearing up and I seem to be shrinking around the abdominal/hip area. I am losing that middle-age, I eat too many carbs and dump cortisol on a daily basis into a more streamline and youthful look. I am also bolder so it must be rejuvenating my adrenals. My eyes are larger and do not feel dry. I know the HGH (Renew) is helping too but you know how synergy works and the Meks work so well with other products.
IB Alaska

Dear Yasmine

I have received my elixir and sacred oil, thank you so much. Its so
amazing that customs at the post office didnt open the package because
they usually do, your invisibility spell is fantastic wow !

Hope you can teach me a few tricks as I am also looking for books/notes on
magick rituals from an Islamic perspective.

I noticed that the Aum sign is prevalent in your website can you explain
the significance of this symbol in the universal context. So far I have
learnt that white magick transcends all religions and is governed more by
universal laws of the cosmos.

Forgive me for asking so many questions but there is no other way for me
learn, I sincerely wish to become an apprentice to someone who is willing
teach for the benefit of mankind.

I have one more question regarding the pearl, I just wanted to know the
history behind this pearl; such as how you came about acquiring it and if
anyone else had possession.

Thanx, Was Salaam

HB johannesburg south africa

I stared at my Hepa and Osteo-Mek tabs for a few weeks before trying them. For some reason, I avoided them and took my first dose this morning. I wanted to feel the effect so only took my 1000 IU Vitamin D3 with it and frankly, I’m amazed.
I feel so good! There’s such a full support system in these little tabs that it makes me feel like I was deprived of the nutrients all of this time. It really makes me question even how I’m eating and my supplements. And the tabs are so gentle – they are totally compatible with my biological and nervous system. I can barely wait for the other ones.
I take it twice a day for one month and than 1 tab a day? (left my instructs at home).
Also, what are the breast and hair ones like? I do have a sleeping problem and am interested in something that will help me to sleep.
This is so cool. I have actual energy and feel more positive. It’s like I suddenly woke up!

Follow up:

Hi Yasmine,
I am having such remarkable results with Osteo and Hepa-Mek that it’s almost mind boggling. It is not only bringing the most profound change, but it is so pleasant. Usually my body is very discriminating about what I ingest and these are the most gentle formulas.

Hi yasmine. The other guy that’s supposed to take the supplement didn’t want to take it. So I’m just using it for general wellness. I believe it works.
Thanks for the heads up on this bone supplement.
Jxxxx California

Dear Yasmine,

I know you told me to wait three months for the treatments to work before I make up my mind about them, but I couldn't wait that long. It has been about 7 weeks since I started taking the herbal detox and hair growth treatments. The most visible sign that the treatments are working is the new hair growth in the bald spot I have had since I was 24 years old (for the past 26 years). That alone would have been enough to convince me, but there is more...

For the first time in over ten years, I feel energized, charged...it's as if I am in my early thirties again!! With the herbal & Ionization detoxing on the one hand and the Orgone on the other, I am close to feeling invincible.

Last, but by no means least, is the positive energy I get from you and Mohammad every time I come to visit. I deeply admire your outlook on life, your vast knowledge on so many different issues (from Energy Healing & Homeopathy to Mind Control, web design, ...), and most importantly your pure and unwaivering faith in God.

I know this is a corny cliche, but I truly believe that world is a much better place with you and Mohammad in it.
Many thanks and all my love,

Kxxxxx ont. canada

Dear Yasmine,

I have received the package you sent out. Thank you! The orgone necklace, the TB orgone, and the kratom and lotus flower pills are such wonderful gifts. I did not expect to see so many gifts, and the synchronicity. I was especially surprised about the kratom and lotus flower pills when I opened the package. I have been thinking about getting into altered states for the past few months in order to learn the mystery of music so that when I go back to my normal consciousness, I would know how to effectively move the souls of every person with my songs. The amount you gave me is just enough. :) I am also wearing the orgone necklace, while the TB orgone is in the car until I find some place else for it.

Also, the orgone you made for me has very strong loving energy. I did not expect it to be this strong, because I've been more used to meditating on the expansion of light energies and the third eye and crown chakra areas. My heart center and my subtle bodies were vibrating a lot whenever I am in it's presence.

As for the translucent pearl, I have not work much with the elemental spirit within it yet. I will probably do that later today. But I really love the blue color very much. I've always wanted a blue water pearl when I was a kid. I don't know why though, but I do, and now that image have manifested itself. :)

Yasmine, do you have any recommendations for me on how I can begin working with the elemental? And also, how can I take care of the spirit and the pearl?

Thank you so very much. I guess my accidental discovery over your websites isn't so much accidental. :)

With Love,

Vxxxxx california

Dear Yasmine,

It has finally arrived! On my way home from work, I had this wonderful joyous feeling. What made it more special, close to sunset I was given the opportunity to witness some of the most wondrous sylphs I have ever encountered what looked like birds with long tails as if they're dancing in angelic processions. I am just so humbled to see and feel these magnificent creations of Allah. I knew this is a good day.

So what preparations should I make? I have been reading up on Marid Djinns lately. Is it true that Marid Djinns being the oldest and strongest amongst Djinn tribe, during the Council of Choice they are to make their choices individually?

Hope to hear from you soon.

God Bless,
Axxxxxxxx london UK

Dear Yasmine,

One of my friends lives in a Haunted Houses In LOs Angeles and every night she has nightmare.
I told her about your site and the mohre mar stone, she wanted me to ask you if there is any spells or anything that she can get rid of the evil spirits for good?


thank you so much for the Mohre Mar stone,I feel like i've got so much energy and i am happier than ever.

thank you for your time

kind regards

Cxxxxxx sydney australia

Hey listen your an amazing person. thanx so much. im a converted from the dark side person so i know dark and know lack of dark. I am a light creature now god fixed me per se. i have my powers but i dont need to feed anymore. These djinn are amazingly helpfull and caring. Alot has happened recently. I found the love of my life yasmine.

Im very glad we have made it to the same place. your heart helped me become who i am. I will not stop untill i can help enough people understand the truth. Science and religion can co exist.

The only thing i know anymore is god is real and eveything elese is most likely an illusion. Im pretty much mastered astral energys i think but obviously know nothing about it i just feel this way because im young.

Im going to free the extra djinn i live near the ocean. Some like the forest a bit more. The woodsy type spirits. they just go and live and comeback when they feel they can help me. i love this. i dont want any of my spirits not happy i love them. I will harm none.

I will bounce evil back to where it came from. i will let god do the things im not sure about. I some how know the future and the past….

zxxxxx california

Salam Yasmine!
Wow, thank you soooo much for the orgonite pendants! They're absolutely gorgeous!
They're the inspiration that I needed to get back into making them. It's not the best time financially, but a little bit at a time should be fine. So I'm sure I can convince my husband to invest in orgonite since I have a plan for photography!
I don't know why I'm in tears. about what you told me, I mean, this is what I've always known and felt, but I guess it was different when I was the only one feeling this way. Thank you so much for all that you're doing for us. I feel honoured to have ever met you Yasmine. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart.
Again, thank you so much! It was so very kind of you!
You and your family are always in my prayers!

All my love,

Zxxxx Axxxxxx London UK

Dear Yasmine,

It arrived....it arrived...OMG....I LOVE IT!!!!!

I can't believe how quick it came...it arrived quicker than if I'd sent something to my mum in the next county here...lol

Oh I soooooooooooooooooooooo love it. It looks even better than in your pics...it has a vibrant energy...very powerful. Now in the flesh (so to speak) it has come to life. I feel so honoured that you have given this to me. If you were here I'd be giving you a very happy thank you hug right now...although I might just squeeze a little bit....lol.

You must tell me about it. What does it consist of...and why? I feel really excited. Should I wear it all the time or should it be reserved for when I need it? Do I need to care for it in any special way to preserve this powerful energy? Sorry to throw all these questions at you..I know you have answered some before but now I have it in my hand I can understand better. No rush to answer...I know you are busy.

Yasmine please accept my heart felt thanks....I am very touched. You have made me feel special and filled me up to the brim with happiness. Bless you my sunny friend...bless you!!!!

Btw...feel free to use this message as a testimonial for your Orgone if you wish to.... That's cool with me. It's powerful stuff...I feel it's energy and I just love it!!!!

Hope to speak with you later.
Nxxxxx UK

Dear yasmine

i today got your items two wonder pendants
what a wonder item
what a fine energy it has!!!!
i like it ,much as it gives some link of your good spiritual energy
i have to investigate more
now i have come after a somewhat long journey..
Also now after reading these i understand that you are having a developed
sense and powers far above average levels of humans
you are an angelic being i feel
at this time i also want to tell you about a healing i need….

hope your everythings ok
loving regards prm India

Dear yasmine
we all pray for a happy shifting to you and family, inshah Allah
i use your cosmic shield
i feel that some quraanic verse powers and some jinns are there
also many other vibrations of some female powers also there,

in it, however this is a fine item
what are the golden color twines in it?
very surprising construction
blessed be
prm India

Thanks for the info, Yasmine

I will get you my love offering soon!!
I'm pouring a new batch tomorrow, so I'm going to
wait and include one from that batch as well.
I wanted to update you both on what has transpired
since Monday night's implant removal session -- with the four point extra
whammy!!! :)
I have experience various levels of detoxing, both physically and
emotionally for several days. Your charging of my water helped immensely.
I have felt at time almost lost, as if something has changed and I can't
quite put my fingers around it. At other times, I
feel so empowered and energized, I can feel energy moving through me in a
way I have not experienced before, and my third eye is twitching
quite a bit. I know you found multiple implants and it seems that the
removal of each has affected me in various ways.

My creativity has been peaking recently anyways, but I have just had some
incredible ideas about creating ..

I have some other amazing insights
about myself as well, with the hint of more to come.
I'm planning on getting the ear candling done tomorrow, and start the liver
cleanse this week. I'm sure they will both really open me up!!

I am grateful and delighted to have received such a
life changing gift from you, thank you. I look forward to having

another session in the future and to rest once again in your strong, talented,
hands. I encourage others to benefit from your loving touch and healing hands,
to be freed from the hidden assassins. Freedom has a whole new taste
when you find you've been…
May all of our tomorrows be a new truth.
Love, Light, Blessings and Joyous Laughter,

Txxxx USA

Hi Yasmine,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thankyou
again for a
wonderful session last night. I have been doing
energy work for almost six
years now and can tell you that you are a very
gifted healer. I am
very, very grateful for you getting rid of all
those nasty critters fo me!!!
I know the whole level of paranoia about who is
really OK and who is either
mind controlled or part of the greater evil agenda
makes it tough to know
who to trust, so I am thankful that you allowed me
to exchange energy with
you. I loved your energy!!! :)
I would love to send you a little gift, I'mSo thrilled with my fifth
batch of TB's, that I'm giving them to some of mypsychic/spiritual friends,
and so far the response has been phenomenal. I've
let them all play with
other goodies that I have purchased from various
vendors, but mine seem to
have much, much stronger energy. Perhaps it's the
whole quantum physics thing. :)
Anyway, if you are comfortable with
I would love to send one
to each of you there. I know you probably already have
tons of orgone, but it
would also allow me to get further confirmation that
the direction I'm going
with creating these not only works well, but may
also be something very special.
I will honor whatever choice you make, and
regardless, I am still very
grateful for your help. I will keep you
on how things progress
with me over the next several days.

Love, Light, Blessings and Joyous Laughter,
Gxxxx east coast USA

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Hi Yasmine,
I have received my package today. The cobra stone is huge. I did'nt expect it to be that big. It is very different from any other stone I have seen. The top is clear, almost like a layer of clear glass was set on top of it. Thank you for everything! I am so happy to finally have it as well as all the oils and elixirs. I will follow instructions and use it wisely. What is the stone made of ? It is odd and beautiful. Well I wont keep you. Just wanted to let you know it has arrived.