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Talismen and Charms work as powerful ingredients. Modern Scientific research is fast rediscovering ancient spiritual truths. It was once a source of wonder that a highly evolved spiritual person could create miracles through chanting, that mystics could cast spells through invocations, and indeed
some people could pray prayers that worked! Now we find modern instances of the same ancient principles the human being somehow contains within himself a source of energy whose name changes often but whose power never diminishes.
Turn back to the source of it All, our One Creator! Connect through the sacred language of All divine forces!

"Step out of the Circle of Time into the Circle of Love" ~ Rumi

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Elemental spirits & Talisman


Devatas, Khodam and Elementals

The elemental spirit is highly evolved and has a strong sense of the harmony of the universe, the importance of evolution, and divine order. They work with us for our mutual evolution, not to bolster the ego or cause harm. They are therefore not something that black magicians should wish to use, although many may seek them for their power. In fact, part of their reason for working with us is to harmonize and evolve our inner magic, and recreate balance after much misuse of magic has occurred. For this reason, they are powerful allies in disarming dark forces.


A Talisman is in essence a divine symbol created as a connection to an attribute or divine quality
its an expression of this divine quality, its not the same an an amulet which summons cosmic force fields to protect the aura or charms that only carry a specific spell. Its Power is hidden but resides within the Talisman but manifests itself in the wearer who becomes a reflection of the divinity which is symbolic of it. We take on the divine quality in all its power which is limitless since the amount depends on the wearer himself and how he yields it in his life.

The 'Key' of inner workings is in whether you feel drawn to a particular symbolism that stirs and awakens the divinity in yourself, if you develop faith and certainty in your chosen divinity, through spiritual practice blessings will grow their of and empower you daily in all you do, carrying great spiritual weight in positive karma. A Talisman is a tool to connect you to the power of the divine quality.

The effectiveness of a Talisman depends on both the spiritual awareness and practices of the person producing the Talisman and the devotion of the wearer, if a genuine adept with deep devotion blesses it, it will be powerful, we do not guarantee that it will work for you, having found a trustworthy adept to create the Talisman it is consideration of whether you have faith in divinity and a Creator. Most people trust in a creator and this faith can be empowered by spiritual practice and following some guidelines in a spiritual system that nurtures for this kind of rapid growth of the body and soul to take place as with these Talisman from Serre Mustasir it is a balance and you are empowered on all levels of existence.

The real Power can be yielded when user submit to a higher order and takes steps to attune with its forces and energies. Practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, prayers, meditation, any focused spiritual system of practice will yield its power and enhance it, the possibilities are limitless

It is not necessary to trust in the Talisman, in its producer or yourself for it to work, it is only necessary to have faith in the Creator and that you exersise truth and compassion some religions have other restrictions.
An Islamic talisman should be chosen from an Islamic adept, one wouldn;t purchase a kabbalistic Talisman from a witch who copied it from a book. Similarly one should be selective whether the Talisman is hand written or mass produced, which would be useless unless they have been chosen for a casting that has appropriate rituals and consecrations yourself.
Many people today accept all forms of religion ultimately as being an expression of a spiritual existence and recognize that there are powerful energies deep rooted in the intent of the practioner, most people will see beyond the differences and focus on the Spiritual principles around the creation of Talismen, all Talisman work in this case, as long as one has Faith in the creator.

Talisman are blessings from the creator or a Portal that connect us directly to these qualities, the potential and possibilities have no limit, often they produce a large number virtues. Requiring many prayers and focused energies to do, designed to bring God's many qualities to cover the many common problems of Human beings, bringing success and balance in: clairvoyance, prophecy, communication with spirits, academic achievement, sexual prowess, protection against enemies, accidents, business, wealth, health, love, domestic harmony, and general good luck.

Also more spiritual aspects such as accelerated spiritual growth, enhanced visualisation, such as increase in faith, and to strengthen your own magick. These do require a dedication to achieve more advanced degrees of the outer workings of a Talisman select with care the kind of spell you need in your life at the right timings to harness the energies that will be most beneficial in making a greater difference in the condition you are seeking to change. It is the best tool to speed up success on all levels. There is no doubt the use of a talisman greatly enhances your efforts by connecting you more directly to the blessings and divine forces and energies of the Creator, choose one whose energies you resonate with.