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some people could pray prayers that worked! Now we find modern instances of the same ancient principles the human being somehow contains within himself a source of energy whose name changes often but whose power never diminishes.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sacred Mermorah Nature Empowered Stones

Sacred Power Stones 'Mermorah' from Afghanistan

These Rare and Magickal Stones of Power have been found buried deep in the caves and rocky terrain in afghanistan, they have been empowered by the nature spirits and devas in the environment, also by the monks and priests that for centuries prayed and empowered the stones even further, they were carried away by nature spirits and buried and hidden until a time that they would be gathered and dispersed throught the globe.

some of the benefits of carrying these stones.

-Empower their possessors and expand their aura
-Personal magnetism and commanding characteristics
-Brings Good luck toward the possessor
-Cosmic forces engulf its owner and make him a broadcaster of his own thoughts
-opens new doors to opportunities
-Builds wealth and riches

These stones are ancient stones that were part of a sacred natural formed famous Buddha sculptures that were found all around the mongolian territories and around them, they were legendary, these stones have a large energy/aura about them, bring luck, magnetism, wealth, power and protection to the owner, and open paths of opportunity for its possessor. A piece of metaphysical history.

These stones are over 3000 years old, and were found in the northern territory, where many magickal items and artifacts have been found, due to the powerful geographic nature and the history in Magick and mysticism in that area. They are known in Afghanistan as 'mermorah' and are sought after and kept hidden from the eyes of others by their possessors.

These are the only 2 stones of this kind that I have left a third we have chosen to keep, these stones are rare and unique, and cannot be found anywhere on the net like many of our magickal artifacts and castings. I possess many such metaphysical treasures, and others that find their way to me, I believe that I am to find their possessors and distribute them throughout the world in this time of great change. Rare and magickal items!

Prices have increased on these stones because they are getting very difficult to take out of the country and also harder to find authenticity regarding these artifacts.

Mermorrah stones: $300US