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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Story Of 'Serre Muta'sir' The Vanishing Book of Secrets

Introduction to 'Serre Muta'sir' 'The Vanishing Book of secrets that appears'

This Book of Secrets Serre Muta'sir (most secret secret) is a book that is a 'Living' Book, by Sheikh Bahaii (era of sohrevardi and mirdamad Islamic philosopher and shia shiekh)- a book of Ahlul bayt secret knowledge, that breathes, it has a consciousness of its own, it is a book that has taken a journey through mystique and 'Time', through a tumultuous world that is ever changing outwardly and inwardly, like breath --the very breath consciousness is a part of.

The mysterious journey of this book is to do with the very words and formulas that are apparent within it, and although its possessor or 'safekeeper' of it, may never himself be able to access its power or use its words to yield the power within, it continues its journey through the dimensions of time to find the true seekers that unlock its code in dedication and using it for the betterment and furthering of mankind and the growing consciousness of humanity at this transformational time. This Book upgrades and expands with the vibrations of the universe and the journey we are moving toward, it is multi dimensional which makes it magickal and never stagnant changing with the pulses of the cosmic forces ebbing and flowing through all spectrums of time.

Since we are now traveling through a time where there is change and transition, and moving rapidly upward spiraling toward an interdimensional existence, different secrets from ancient times are being discovered, whether it is by psychic channeling, Dreams and Visions, or ancient artifacts that holds a living consciousness sometimes in form of a spirit or universal language such as symbols and words of POWER that has been evolving through time never losing its power or essence because it is a part of the evolving Cosmic consciousness. This Book is one of the signs and proofs that there is Magick and Powerful forces that can perform metaphysical changes (not science) a Force far beyond the physical rationalization of reality.

The Aquisition of The 'Serre Muta'sir'

In the Sacred city of Mashhad in Iran (persia) many magickal events have taken place and there is a shrine where lies an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) The Apostle Ali ibn Reza, the 2nd most sacred place considered by the shiite muslim faith and Sufi Lovers of Imam Ali (Ali ibn Reza's Great grandfather). There are many Clergyman who reside there and some mystics and dervish who practices silently in seclusion, either way it is a city that is centered around prayer and the 'Divine'.

Around 25 years ago The Secret book found its way to the hands of a secret publishing house in Mashhad, their interest in recreating and republishing the Book was to sell it as a one of a kind discovery having full rights to publication, this would have broken all ethical laws by which this book was created it was to come into circulation in large numbers, their plan was to only distribute them to the Clergymen primarily and those who would possibly study further or go on to higher learning in Metaphysics.

The Owner of the publishing house took this book into safe keeping because although he would have liked to simply copy the words, symbols and pages as is, the way it was written with the use of 2 ancient languages, (old persian and classic arabic), he kept it in his safe for a while but was unable to read it at all, he wished to find a way for it to be legible in todays farsi (iranian language), he took it to a Mystic, she used Persian and Arabic spells and duas and wrote talismen, she was well known and many went to her for spells and formulas for different problems in their lives she worked for the love of God and to help people she was well known and renouned. The Owner of the publishiing house left the book with the Mystic to decipher and use but to write down the details of what was being told in the book.

The mystic put into works some of the spells but a large portion she was unable to decipher, the greater more powerful ones, she kept the book for years, using the spells that she could, they were alone proof of the unlimited power they had, but the spells were minor spells,for fertility, marriage, small financial gains, the more powerful ones she could not access, she kept the book in her safe but even for many years was not able to get further with the decoding.

Many years went by and in 1999 the Mystic received a visit by her son along his travel from the far east (back) to the west, he came across the Book and since he himself was a spiritual seeker and hafez of Qu'ran and involved in the esoteric, took a deep interest in it, he asked her if he could take it with him and study it further, she said, she had no further use for it, and the owner has no karmic rights to it. With those words her son became the possessor of this mystical book.

The Son of the mystic witch began a journey toward unlocking the mysteries within, the mysterious ways that this book works, and the path of the 'self' he had to go through to receive the secret knowledge to use it. This Secret knowledge was revealed in phases and an arduous task at times to aquire, with fasting and prayer as well as deprivation of meat and chemicals. Ones body should be clean and mind aware and God centered, this was a prerequisite to attempting to enter the realms of the secret knowledge.

After 7 years the son of the mystic was able reach a level for this secret knowledgeto be revealed to him, he was able to read the ancient texts that was virtually unfamiliar to him when he began his journey in 1999, over the past few years he has been writing talismen for children and close friends who have been in need of assistance, now however, the power within The Book has become stronger and more intense then before, and the codes have become clear from the most powerful of the spells, more then ever he is able to attune with the powerful magickal forces that are embedded within the creation and words of this book. Even when he whispers the words and blows them you see the magick happen in front of your eyes, it will close the eyes of people in the blink of an eye, people will bend to his wish and are in awe of his presence.

I have seen the amazing power behind these spells and formula, in so many situations, but very recently it has been empowered, as we go further toward the alignment of cosmic energies during the next coming years, they will continue to increase further and further in their ability to manifest in a big way a powerful Life changing
way. I have seen the way of this book and the journey it takes you through, I have seen that you cannot yield these forces unless you are an elevated soul and a perpetual seeker.

I have seen because I have been married to the Mystic's Son since before he was guided to this book.
Recently we have been inspired (guided) to make this known to others beyond our circle of friends and family to reach a global level, we are offering these spells to those who need their assistance, it is a life altering experience to be touched by the power of this book and it is a unique and rare knowledge that has guarded itself through the ages, it is The Book that vanishes, then appears in a time and place it is destined to be.

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