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some people could pray prayers that worked! Now we find modern instances of the same ancient principles the human being somehow contains within himself a source of energy whose name changes often but whose power never diminishes.
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"Step out of the Circle of Time into the Circle of Love" ~ Rumi

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magickal Musk Pods

Magickal Enchanted Musk Pods

Our Authentic Musk pods have an elemental spirit attached, they hold a very high vibration and have been magickally enhanced they bring a divine love vibration that brings spiritual abundance and closeness in relationships, it makes the carrier of such a gift from heaven magnetically attractive, many blessings come fourth in the life of the beholder happiness, true love, natural charm and spiritual mystique.

"The ground of this enchanted place is composed of pure wheaten flour mixed with Musk and saffron, it's stones are pearls and hyacynths and it's palaces built of Gold and silver...The houris (elementals) are made of pure musk." Prophet Mohammad

Musk represents the principle of Divine Ideal wisdom, we experience it as libido, dynamic outpouring energy, it corresponds with the 3rd eye, and is associated with meditation. Musk is the masculine divine energy we can tap into using magickal application, it represents the subliminal, psychological aspect of this sphere.

In mystical lore, Musk is among the scents and vibrations that attracts the most attention. It connects to the highest valued consciousness, the scent has an archetypal appeal to the deepest level of our psyche, and we can attune to it's quality by keeping it within our aura space, the animal scents carry unique and surprising details, which include, consciousness, creative genius, libido, logos, pure spirit, spiritual energy, transformation.

Musk comes from the male musk, it is harboured inside a small gland/musk pod which is found beneath the abdominal area of the male musk deer, moshus moshiferus, the gland measures 2-3 inches and about an once when dry.

Musk is among the animal scents the origin of which was enveloped in mystery and legend for centuries. Most powerful when used in Love potions, aphrodisiacs and Sex magick, carry around for extreme sex appeal, mixes in with your own pheromones and makes you very attractive. Musk has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac in and out of magic, and is also identified with the Earth aspect of Saturn (working with spirits). It smells right but has ethics.
It also renders you invisible to lower vibrating energies, valued like the unicorns horn, a genuine musk pod is very hard to find and aquire, among its qualities are Potency and longevity, health and vitality.

Musk: The universally accepted "sex scent". It is also worn to purify and to gain courage. It is a magnetic oil. Worn with equal success by both sexes.

Note: The musk oil sold through most reputable dealers is a blend of other oils and not of true musk. The authentic musk is prohibitively expensive, as it is obtained only from the musk deer. Some musk oils are synthetic,


Authentic Magickal Musk pod from Male musk deer